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DGNB Buildings In-Use


What is DGNB Buildings In-Use?

The DGNB Buildings in Use is a certification system and assessment tool developed by the German Sustainable Building Council (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) to evaluate the sustainability performance of existing buildings, including residential, commercial, and public buildings.

It provides a framework for evaluating and improving the environmental, economic, and social aspects of a building’s operations and its impact on the occupants and the surrounding environment.

Obtaining the DGNB Buildings in Use certification aims at promoting sustainable energy practices and encourages buildings to achieve a certain level of energy performance that goes beyond mere commitment.


What are the benefits for a company to become DGNB Buildings in use certified?

This internationally recognised standard reaps numerous benefits, such as:

By undergoing the DGNB Buildings in Use certification, building owners and operators can gain insights into the sustainability performance of their buildings and identify areas for improvement. It also serves as a recognised standard for communicating the sustainability credentials of a building to stakeholders, including tenants, investors, and the public.


What are the requirements for a company to become DGNB Buildings in use certified?

To achieve certification to DGNB Buildings in Use, the building must reach a minimum level of energy performance. The specific requirements may vary depending on the certification scheme and building type, but the approach is always the same. The DGNB sets benchmarks and targets that a building must meet to demonstrate its commitment to energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption. The DGNB takes a holistic approach to sustainability considering a range of criteria following the Three-pillar model:


What is the certification process?

To deliver the DGNB Buildings in Use certification, the DGNB works with a network of accredited professionals and assessors who are authorized to conduct assessments and certify buildings according to the DGNB criteria. These professionals include architects, engineers, sustainability consultants, and other experts in the field of sustainable building.

DGNB certification assesses buildings on a points-based scoring system. This allows some flexibility in meeting the requirements, as long as the overall score meets or exceeds the minimum threshold. Therefore, while there are specific energy performance requirements, there may be room for buildings to excel in other areas to compensate if they fall slightly below the specified targets in energy performance.

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