A cost-effective energy roadmap for every building. Powered by AI.

Define a cost-effective energy roadmap

Remain compliant with energy regulations and certifications by aligning finance, sustainability and building management around a shared goal.

Reduce energy spend and optimise consumption

Empower energy and building managers to prioritise, implement, and verify energy projects.

Improve public image

Increase satisfaction of your customers, residents or stakeholders by showcasing your efforts.


Find inspiration for your own success story

Salling Group reduces energy consumption in supermarkets by several million Euro

Reducing energy waste is a cheap and overlooked way of lowering consumption without compromising indoor climate and building comfort.

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Annual savings of 67% – bank branch cuts down on energy consumption

Ento's AI identified major energy waste in the building: The ventilation system was not running optimally and wasted 45,000 kWh per year.

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Hjørring Municipality manages 150 sites with the help of Ento's AI-powered solution

The city's energy managers can quickly see where their actions will have the biggest impact thanks to Ento's prioritisation tool.

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Potential Energy Savings at

Office building in Copenhagen

Ventilation operational hours do not match opening hours.
12,476 kWh
Rooftop solar generation has dropped. Check the inverter.
32,127 kWh
44,603 kWh
Office building in Copenhagen

Accelerate your energy optimisation efforts with Artificial Intelligence

By combining millions of data points and the power of artificial intelligence, our system is capable of gaining deep insights on your buildings’ energy performance. We create a structured plan to save energy - the smart way.

Software that empowers energy professionals to make a difference. Start executing on your energy strategy just by sourcing your existing utility data.

Bring hyper advanced analytics to your building portfolio. Leverage our artificial intelligence and integrations with millions of data points without installing new hardware.


Everything you need to make instant energy optimisations

Ento is a software solution to remove barriers. Powerful yet simple to use, it helps you to plan ahead, make better decisions and execute faster.

Create BI reports

Export data to ensure easy communication with the rest of your organisation.

Document energy savings

Measure and Verify (M&V) all your energy optimisations. Advanced-yet-easily, the platform automatically supports IPMVP for enterprise grade documentation of energy savings.

Complete overview

Get a comprehensive overview of your building portfolios energy consumption.

Automated alarms

We will let you know when something needs your attention.

Team management

Coordinate tasks, share notes and collaborate with unlimited users.

Project management

Prioritise, track and review performance of your energy savings projects.

Actionable suggestions

Get insights you can act on specifically tailored to your building portfolio - with annual savings and return on investment.

Integrate all energy sources

Easy integration of all energy sources from main and sub meters.

Safe & secure

Hosted safely in the cloud. Trusted by hundreds of energy managers in the most climate ambitious organisations.


How it works

With our digital energy advisor, the system works for you.
All you have to do is give access to your data.


Data Integration

We integrate with standard energy data sources, directly with your utility or through internal systems. Energy meters are automatically allocated to the relevant buildings in a matter of minutes.


Data Analysis

Energy data is automatically analysed in combination with data sources we know affect energy consumption in buildings - e.g. weather, calendar and building specific information.


Prioritise Projects

Potential improvements across all buildings are identified and ranked in order of the potential energy savings. Building managers and energy professionals prioritise projects.


Implement Projects

Building managers and energy professionals collaborate to implement selected energy projects.


Verify Savings

Advanced algorithms are able to automatically detect energy savings and document them according to the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).


Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor the energy consumption to ensure each building operates efficiently.


Software solution for every building type and portfolio size


Public building owners play a crucial role in the sustainable energy transition and have ambitious energy saving goals. Our software ranks most effective ways to lower the energy consumption and documents the savings automatically.


Understand how all your stores are performing inside and outside of opening hours, and what can be done to optimize energy consumption. Many buildings are suboptimally configured and savings of 10-50% can be achieved simply by configuring the building correctly. We make it easy to know which stores to improve.


Combine consumption data with production numbers to understand how your machines are performing, and what can be done to reduce wasted energy by idling machines. We integrate with existing meters, making insights available without upfront investments in new expensive equipment.

Commercial Real Estate

Streamline energy management for your commercial real estate portfolio with AI. Get consumption data to integrate with your carbon accounting software. Gain insights into individual buildings, benchmark performance, and enhance your energy strategy with advanced analytics. Effortlessly document results for regulatory compliance and informed decision-making.

Energy Professionals

Want an intelligent companion that matches and supports your competencies within buildings and energy use? We work with energy managers and technicians to facilitate the process from identifying the most effective improvements to validating that your professional services pay off. We enhance your relationship with your customers and turn operational tasks into strategic objectives.

Commercial buildingDetail shopFactoryWoman with an iPad

We help the most climate ambitious organisations to do even better


The Ecosystem

Our AI-powered energy optimisation platform impacts both locally and globally.

Buildings in the network


Consumption Monitored Annually (GWh)


CO2e Savings Annually (Tons)


Savings Implemented Annually (MWh)



Why energy professionals use Ento

We’re privileged to work with the most climate-ambitious organisations to reduce costs and CO2-emissions. Their stories of success is why we keep pushing.

It’s cool that the analysis work and data processing now takes up so little time, that we can use our resources in the buildings. Now the time is spent on what creates value.

Thøger Niels Pørtner
Project Manager Team Fælles Ejendomscenter, Holstebro Municipality

Through our strategic partnership with Ento, we can automatically identify and document energy savings in our branches and buildings. This has resulted in an incredible result oriented tool that helps to create change rather than just reporting on consumption.

Martin Højgrav-Huus
Sustainable Design Engineer, Arbejdernes Landsbank

We are working on all fronts to lower our energy consumption, but combating energy waste through Ento’s solution is an easy way to achieve energy savings immediately – and the results speak for themselves!

Martin Kortegaard
Energy Manager, Salling Group

Start reducing energy

Get started and integrate data for free. We’ll show you the value before you buy.


Still got questions?

We have A LOT of data, and not just energy consumption data. Is it useful?

Yes. In fact, for applications within the manufacturing industry we often require other data sources than those publicly available. Occupant data from inside buildings may also be a great indicator of actual usage – but it’s not required and may also be available without installing new sensors.

Artifical Intelligence

Do I need an Energy Management System (EMS) to use your AI?

No. In cases where there is not already an EMS, we collect data directly from your utilities. Often, Ento is used as the primary EMS, as many organizations don’t want two systems that both collect energy data.
If you’ve already invested heavily in a EMS with lots of sub-metering and data infrastructure, we can leverage that work and integrate directly with that.

Artifical Intelligence

Does using Ento require lots of structured data?

Yes – and no. Utility data is already very structured and accessible – after all, it determines your monthly bill!
In order to use our services, all we need is to access the consumption data. Data about your buildings, opening hours, weather data etc. is already integrated on the platform. No manual input is required, which is why we can create value within hours of sourcing your energy data.

Artifical Intelligence

How much does it cost?

Our services are billed on an annual basis depending on the number and types of buildings you have in your portfolio. In contrast to traditional approaches, we don’t charge an upfront or integration fee.

We will happily import your data and show you the expected value, and even let you try our platform on your buildings, before you have to make the decision.


Can I still use my trusted energy manager?

Yes! Several energy professionals use our platform. Our solution is designed to combine the strengths of computers with the experience and skills of human experts.
The goal is to take away the tedious task of looking at thousands of data points every hour and allow them to focus on the important aspects of their work – to reduce your energy and carbon footprint.


How are you different from an Energy Management System (EMS)?

The purpose of an energy management system (EMS) is to collect and visualise raw data from meters installed in buildings. Many EMS users have to spend a lot of time looking at the data or manually configuring alarms to figure out when something is not performing well.

Our solution uses existing consumption data, which could be collected in an existing EMS or come directly from your utility or meters. We help building owners find and prioritise buildings that can be optimised with a positive return on investment.