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What is BREEAM In-Use?

BREEAM In-Use is an environmental assessment methodology and certification scheme developed by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), a UK-based organization specializing in research and certifications for the built environment. BRE introduced BREEAM In-Use to improve the sustainability performance of existing buildings. While it originated in the UK, BREEAM In-Use has gained international recognition and is used in various countries around the world. It has been adapted and customized to suit local contexts and regulations in different places, such as Germany, Netherlands and Spain.


What are the benefits for a company to become BREEAM In-Use certified?

Becoming BREEAM In-Use certified can offer several benefits to a company, such as:

BREEAM In-Use certification is not a one-time achievement but encourages ongoing improvement. The certification framework prompts companies to regularly review and monitor their sustainability performance, leading to continuous enhancements and long-term sustainability benefits.


What are the requirements for a building to become BREEAM In-Use certified?

BREEAM In-Use is commonly used by building owners, property managers, and facility managers to benchmark and improve the sustainability of their existing buildings. It provides a comprehensive framework for identifying areas of improvement and implementing sustainable practices, leading to reduced environmental impacts and operational costs. The assessment covers three main aspects:

To achieve BREEAM In-Use certification, a building must meet the required performance standards in each of these categories. The level of performance determines the final certification rating, which can range from "Pass" to "Outstanding" depending on the achieved score.


What is the certification process?

BREEAM In-Use certification is delivered by accredited assessors and certification bodies that have been approved by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the organization behind BREEAM. These accredited entities are responsible for conducting assessments, verifying compliance, and issuing BREEAM In-Use certifications.

The BREEAM In-Use assessment process involves collecting data, conducting on-site inspections, and evaluating performance against a set of sustainability criteria. The assessment results in a rating or certification, indicating the level of sustainability achieved by the building.

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