Ento Control

Experience lower operating costs and CO2 emissions in your buildings by letting Artificial Intelligence control your technical systems according to real needs.


Smart HVAC management tailored to each individual building

Ento Control automatically supplies the right amount of heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Every building in the world is unique – and so is the need for heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC). With Ento Control, healthy indoor air quality and a comfortable indoor environment are achieved while consuming the absolute minimum amount of energy.

Using existing sensor data such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, the system learns how each building’s Building Management System (BMS) meets the users' requirements for indoor air quality. It also understands how building characteristics, such as shading and thermal inertia, affect the HVAC system’s ability to control the indoor environment.

By using this deep understanding of each individual building's characteristics, combined with meteorological forecasts, Ento Control accurately inputs the right amount of HVAC at the right time to meet the users' desired set points perfectly.


AI-optimised HVAC systems for better indoor climate and less energy use

Intelligent ventilation and heating control – dictated by your buildings' individual characteristics.

Reduce energy consumption and hours of operation

With Ento Control you can improve HVAC management by closely matching it to actual needs.

Our artificial intelligence combines comprehensive data on building characteristics with real-time information on occupancy, indoor climate and weather conditions such as solar radiation and outdoor temperature.

In this approach, we use our AI to precisely adapt the indoor climate, ensuring optimal comfort with minimal energy consumption.

The result is a significantly improved indoor climate that is tailored to the unique needs of both the occupants and the building.

Compliance with laws and regulations

More and more countries mandate building owners to ensure that indoor CO2 levels don't exceed a certain level of ppm.

By automating your ventilation and heating systems, you can stay compliant with regulations.

Improved indoor climate and occupant comfort

Indoor comfort and climate are often overlooked variables. However, studies show that maintaining comfortable temperatures and healthy indoor air quality, prevents health issues and cognitive impairments, highlighting the need for effective ventilation strategies.

Making your job easier

With Ento Control, your HVAC management becomes seamless. Our AI monitors the system 24/7 and alerts you only when your attention is required – freeing you to focus on other tasks.

Use your existing software and hardware

Ento Control integrates with your existing Building Management System, and can integrate indoor climate data from third parties too. There’s built-in safety, so if anything goes offline, the BMS falls back to your default settings.


Start reducing energy

Get started and integrate data for free. We’ll show you the value before you buy.


What our customers say about Ento

We’re privileged to work with the most climate-ambitious organisations to reduce costs and CO2-emissions. Their stories of success is why we keep pushing.

It’s cool that the analysis work and data processing now takes up so little time, that we can use our resources in the buildings. Now the time is spent on what creates value.

Thøger Niels Pørtner
Project Manager Team Fælles Ejendomscenter, Holstebro Municipality

Through our strategic partnership with Ento, we can automatically identify and document energy savings in our branches and buildings. This has resulted in an incredible result oriented tool that helps to create change rather than just reporting on consumption.

Martin Højgrav-Huus
Sustainable Design Engineer, Arbejdernes Landsbank

We are working on all fronts to lower our energy consumption, but combating energy waste through Ento’s solution is an easy way to achieve energy savings immediately – and the results speak for themselves!

Martin Kortegaard
Energy Manager, Salling Group

Still got questions?

We have A LOT of data, and not just energy consumption data. Is it useful?

Yes. In fact, for applications within the manufacturing industry we often require other data sources than those publicly available. Occupant data from inside buildings may also be a great indicator of actual usage – but it’s not required and may also be available without installing new sensors.

Artifical Intelligence

Do I need an Energy Management System (EMS) to use your AI?

No. In cases where there is not already an EMS, we collect data directly from your utilities. Often, Ento is used as the primary EMS, as many organizations don’t want two systems that both collect energy data.
If you’ve already invested heavily in a EMS with lots of sub-metering and data infrastructure, we can leverage that work and integrate directly with that.

Artifical Intelligence

Does using Ento require lots of structured data?

Yes – and no. Utility data is already very structured and accessible – after all, it determines your monthly bill!
In order to use our services, all we need is to access the consumption data. Data about your buildings, opening hours, weather data etc. is already integrated on the platform. No manual input is required, which is why we can create value within hours of sourcing your energy data.

Artifical Intelligence

How much does it cost?

Our services are billed on an annual basis depending on the number and types of buildings you have in your portfolio. In contrast to traditional approaches, we don’t charge an upfront or integration fee.

We will happily import your data and show you the expected value, and even let you try our platform on your buildings, before you have to make the decision.


Can I still use my trusted energy manager?

Yes! Several energy professionals use our platform. Our solution is designed to combine the strengths of computers with the experience and skills of human experts.
The goal is to take away the tedious task of looking at thousands of data points every hour and allow them to focus on the important aspects of their work – to reduce your energy and carbon footprint.


How are you different from an Energy Management System (EMS)?

The purpose of an energy management system (EMS) is to collect and visualise raw data from meters installed in buildings. Many EMS users have to spend a lot of time looking at the data or manually configuring alarms to figure out when something is not performing well.

Our solution uses existing consumption data, which could be collected in an existing EMS or come directly from your utility or meters. We help building owners find and prioritise buildings that can be optimised with a positive return on investment.