Ento is now accessible in the United States via UtilityAPI

Empowering Energy Efficiency in the United States via UtilityAPI

Ento has expanded its services to the United States. With access to data from over 40 utilities across the country, Ento is poised to revolutionize the way energy professionals in the US optimize energy consumption in large building portfolios. This game-changing integration of easy to integrate energy data and artificial intelligence presents an incredible opportunity for energy cost reduction and carbon emissions mitigation.

Unlocking Energy Efficiency with Ento and UtilityAPI

Ento's integration with UtilityAPI establishes a seamless connection between energy professionals and their utility providers. It makes the process of accessing energy consumption data effortless and hassle-free – all completely free of charge and just by logging on the system with the customers existing login credentials to their local utility.

By uploading their data through the secure platform provided by UtilityAPI, users can unlock the full potential of Ento's AI algorithms. With their help, organizations are empowered to make data-driven decisions that optimize energy usage and drive significant cost savings. The availability of real-time, granular energy data allows for the identification of inefficiencies and the development of prioritized plans to reduce both energy costs and carbon emissions.

Spotlight on New York City's Local Law 97

New York City's Local Law 97 is a groundbreaking legislation that aims to combat climate change by imposing stringent carbon emission caps on large buildings. Under Local Law 97, buildings exceeding certain emissions thresholds are required to implement efficiency measures, or else face substantial penalties. Ento's AI-powered energy optimization solution provides a valuable tool for building owners and operators in New York City to navigate the complexities of Local Law 97 and achieve compliance while minimizing costs.

Level up your energy management measures

Are you ready to transform your energy management practices and optimize your building portfolio's energy consumption? Take the first step today by uploading your energy consumption data via the secure and user-friendly platform provided by UtilityAPI. By using Ento's AI-powered solutions, you can gain valuable insights, prioritize energy-saving initiatives, and work towards reducing both costs and carbon emissions.

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